Sailing in the Seychelles


The Seychelles is a popular destination for sailing due to the consistently pleasant weather conditions. The islands are a myriad of glistening pieces of paradise scattered across the Indian Ocean - truly hidden treasures at sea. The 115 islands are diverse and you will have numerous options for overnight stays or restaurants of your choice if you are sailing in the Seychelles.

If you are planning a trip to the Seychelles, you should definitely consider experiencing at least a day of sailing while you are here. Whether you prefer to sail to a few destinations, and stop off for a few nights or you simply want to spend a day on a sailboat, flexible options are possible. Experience the beauty of the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean from your very own floating island!

The winds in the Seychelles are seasonal and are north-westerly from December to March and south-eastern from May until September. The south eastern winds are more consistent and average at 10-15 knots. You can always check out the weather forecast Seychelles.

The best option for sailing in the Seychelles would be to sail around the inner islands including Cerf Island and the beautiful waters of the St Anne Marine National Park where there will be safe anchorages. You can stop off at one of the many beaches along the way and enjoy a day in the sun. There are superb diving and snorkeling opportunities along these routes too!

Sailing the outer islands can prove difficult due to there being plenty of low lying coral reefs and less shelter. It is important to consider the variation of coral bottoms and to use the sounder persistently to prevent damage or accidents from happening.  

To enter and exit the Seychelles on a sail boat, you must go through Port Victoria on Mahé Island as it is the only official port of entry for private yachts. Here they will ask for your documentation from the last port etc. Please research thoroughly before you arrive to ensure you arrive prepared.

We hope that this has given you plenty of wanderlust and that you will visit us on Cerf Island in the near future. Don’t forget that we have luxurious villas to let during your stay.


If you want to experience sailing or fishing while staying on the island, get in touch with Seychelles Yacht Charter who will be happy to help organise a trip for you. Happy sailing!