Seychelles Weather


The Seychelles has an inviting year-round warm tropical climate, which is coolest from June to September, and warmest from March to May, averaging 26 - 29 degrees centigrade annually.  The average annual bathing water temperature is 26 - 30 degrees.  The Seychelles' global position is ideal and safe as it is outside of the cyclonic belt that sometimes batters other tropical countries like Mauritius, and is also west enough to escape the deadly seismic activity that occasionally threatens South East Asian islands.  As a bonus - you don’t need any inoculations to visit the Seychelles either.

If you are considering when to visit the Seychelles to make the most of Seychelles weather the following is a rough guide to the seasons that affect the islands:

December to March is considered to be the northwest monsoon and the islands are at their wettest, but if you are thinking of visiting at this time, don’t worry as you’re still likely to get around six hours of sun a day - and the rain when it comes is in short sharp showers which most people find refreshing.  The islands look particularly lovely and lush at this time of year and the sun is warm, winds light, and the seas calm.  April is a tranquil month as the winds drop and move around to become the southeast trade winds.  From around May through to October the islands have their least rainfall and this time is known as the southeast monsoon.  Temperatures average 27 degrees centigrade, the sea can be a little rougher (for Seychelles standards!) but there is a consistent breeze.  Come November the winds change again and mark the start of the rainy season.

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