Fishing in the Seychelles


If you’re interested in fishing in the Seychelles you’re looking in the right place!  The Seychelles has some of the richest fishing grounds in the world and they are the perfect destination for all levels of fishermen.

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or an enthusiastic beginner, you will be thrilled by the opportunities that Seychelles’ fish-rich waters offer, catching fish such as Bonito, Tuna, Wahoo (King Fish), Barracuda, Dorado, Blue Marlin, and Sailfish.


The Seychelles islands are a paradise for salt-water fly-fishing and you will be able to land silver bonefish.

Blue-water fly fishing is also becoming increasingly popular, providing fisherman with the ultimate challenge of landing large pelagic fish on relatively light tackle.

In fact, the unspoilt Seychelles waters are home to the most incredible variety of blue-water fish species such as Sailfish, Dogtooth Tuna, and Yellowfin Tuna.

The traditional technique of bottom-fishing will land you a catch of spirited coral-reef fish and grace your table with some of the tastiest fish in the world such as Red Snapper.

Not to be missed is the excitement of night-fishing for pickhandle barracuda or shark off a variety of island locations.


You can come and experience fishing in the Seychelles all year round, however the months of November to May are more appropriate for bottom-fishing and fly-fishing.

Despite the presence of tropical cyclones over the south-west Indian Ocean during the period December to March, all of Seychelles’ islands lie well outside the cyclone belt, with the exception of the most southerly outer islands. You can always check out the weather forecast in the Seychelles.

The International Fishing Competition is held in November every year and further local fishing competitions are held throughout the year.


In order to preserve the unique and fragile marine environment in the Seychelles, your fishing experience has to be limited. Don’t worry because you are free to fish in most areas of Seychelles’ waters but with some limitations.

In the Inner Islands, fishing is prohibited within the boundaries of the Curieuse, Ile Cocos, Port Launay/Baie Ternay and St Anne Marine National Parks including Cerf Island.

In addition, no fishing is permitted within 200 meters from Aride Island Nature Reserve beach and there is also a total ban on the use of spear guns throughout Seychelles’ waters.

Moreover, the practice of ‘tag and release’ (when a fish is caught and then released alive back into the water) has been widely adopted in order to safeguard fish stocks for future generations of fishermen and to protect future fishing in the Seychelles.

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