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Scuba Diving in the Seychelles

Diving in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive. As one of the top 10 world diving sites, the Seychelles provide a most unforgettable underwater experience. Crystal clear waters, a variety of intriguing marine life, and seemingly countless amounts of coral reefs are just part of what makes Seychelles diving so rewarding.

However before you start diving, you should understand the diversity of the Seychelles. The islands are classified as either 'Inner' or 'Outer' islands and you can choose to explore either. 

Inner islands are, essentially, the tops of underwater mountains and are granite.  There are 43 of these islands which include Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Cerf. There are a number of world recognised dive sites, such as the Ennerdale Wreck and Brissare rocks as well as the lesser known, more remote, but even more spectacular sites around Marianne, The Sisters, Aride, Trompeuse and other islands. The diving in this area is very diverse and includes both true coral reefs and the impressive granite reef formations that the Inner Islands are renowned for.

The Outer islands sit on the Seychelles plateau and are all coralline or sand cays and mainly uninhabited. They offer exciting and diverse diving experiences off numerous coral atolls and sand cays.

Green sea turtles, manta rays, gorgonian fans, and stunning coral reefs are just the beginning of what you might see when enjoying a Seychelles scuba diving trip. Sharks, barracuda, and grouper fish are common sightings especially around the Outer Islands.

When to go scuba-diving in the Seychelles

Diving is possible all year round, however, there are seasonal changes in water temperatures, visibility and the state of the sea. The best months for diving are March, April, May, September, October and November. The seas are calmest during these months and the visibility on offshore dives can be over 30 metres. Expect to experience temperatures reaching 29C. Check our seychelles weather page for climate information.

Where to dive in the Seychelles

We offer a Day Diving experience. For EUR160 per person we offer 2 dives, all the equipment, refreshments and a BBQ lunch (a minimum booking of 3 persons is required). When you book you're holiday with us, just select the diving add-on and we will organise the rest.

Our goal is to ensure you have the BEST experience possible whilst diving.

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