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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you worried about travelling because of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

How safe is a holiday currently in the Seychelles at South Point Villas Cerf Island?

Read HERE for more information where we try to answer all your questions, and explain the NEW SAFETY MEASURES we have introduced to provide you with some strong reassurance about your holiday with us.

Why not get away from congested cities and large populations to have a private holiday to yourself in the Seychelles in the next 6 months?



How do we get to Cerf Island and South Point Villas?

  • Most of our guests fly into the main airport on our neighbouring island Mahé
  • Road transport by taxi from Mahé Airport (or alternatively the Cat Coco Jetty from Praslin Island) to Eden Boardwalk on Mahé is chargeable.  Please let us know so that we can arrange this service for you.
  • Boat transfers from Eden Boardwalk on Mahé Island to Cerf Island are FREE for arrival and departure only.
  • Additional boat transfers during day light hours only between Cerf Island and Eden Boardwalk during your stay is charged at €20.00 per person (minimum €40.00) for each return trip.  The journey is about 15 minutes each way.
  • If you need to travel anywhere else, this will be chargeable either with ourselves or with recommended third parties.


Are there beaches nearby?

  • Yes - beaches are within 100 meters walking distance at low tide and at other times within the protected waters of the reef a boat or a kayak can be used (if you don't want to get a little wet) to reach beaches less than five minutes away.  They are all within the Saint Anne Marine National Park and our kayaks are available for free for guests to use at any time.
  • South Point Villas Cerf Island is situated on an elevated rocky promontory on the south-east coast of Cerf Island, directly opposite the small uninhabited island of Cache with numerous secluded beaches nearby.
  • We recommend you bring some sea/diving shoes with you.  Swimming/snorkelling is lots of fun but you really don't want to catch your toe on coral or stand on anything accidentally with bare feet.


What exactly is a shopping service?

  • We assist guests free of charge on their first shopping trip, our experienced manager Michel Estico will advise you exactly where to go.  Shopping items purchased are at the guest's expense.
  • We also include a free complimentary meal and starter pack upon arrival to help you get started.


What about cooking and laundry?

  • Upon request our Manager can arrange cooking assistance for 1 main meal per Villa per day.  This service is chargeable and excludes the cost of ingredients.  We recommend supper and trying Creole style meals which have proved highly popular with all our guests!
  • We can also arrange laundry assistance, charged per wash load.


Do you have a map to show the exact location of your Villas?

Here are the co-ordinates of the hotel's location

-4° 38' 20.16", +55° 30' 18.34"