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Enjoy sunrises, spot dolphins and gaze at spanning ocean...

Sunrise: our family Villa

Sunrise is our most elevated Seychelles family villa. From its high vantage point the villa has spectacular views over Cerf Islands’ beaches. The villa has two air-conditioned en-suite bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen and an entertainment room, which makes it perfect for a Seychelles family holiday.


Sunrise is particularly unique due to its elevated veranda with a dining table, reclining furniture, and couches – perfect for lovely family barbeque with a view. The veranda has a truly magnificent 180-degree panoramic view to gaze at sunrises and moonrises over the ocean. During the day, you may even spot dolphins and schools of fish. There is also a private lawn with sun loungers that overlook the ocean.

When you stay in Sunrise, you will find Cerf Island beaches easily accessible at low tide. You can also enjoy our kayaks which are provided for free to our guests. Local restaurants are located on Cerf Island and if you venture to Mahe, (a short boat ride away) we can direct you to a range of shops and restaurants. Please find a list of our standard services here or use the Contact Us form at the top of the page if you've any questions. We look forward to having you to stay!

Click HERE to find out why South Point Villas are the perfect Seychelles family holiday!


  • Air-conditioning
  • Fully furnished bathrooms
  • Full set of linen and a range of beach and bath towels
  • Fully equipped kitchen (oven, 4-plate stove, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble-dryer, iron, large freezer-fridge, double-sink, toaster, kettle, microwave and ice-making machine.) All cutlery, glasses, and cooking equipment is also provided
  • Hair-dryer
  • Mobile phone connectivity anywhere on site
  • Free wireless internet access available anywhere on site
  • Entertainment system (TV, DVD player & iPod dock)
  • Weber barbeque


Sunrise _floor3

Guest Review

See handwritten review by Karim Seblaoui

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Karim Seblaoui  on October 2021

We have a wonderful time here. The place is so calm and relaxing and the view is incredibly beautiful! We enjoyed it very much and will defnitely come back.

Thank you!

Christine and Laura

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Christine Matthaus  on October 2021

Thank you Christine and Michel, our first stay in Seychelles was amazing and you made it even better. This was the best place to celebrate our 20th anniversary. The views from the balcony are breathtaking. We walked all the way around Cerf Island, kayaked to the other islands nearby and enjoyed the private secluded beaches.  We also had the time to visit Mahe and hike on the trails the offer magnificent views of the Seychelles.

We hope to come back some day.

Vasco and Sofia, Portugal

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Vasco Grossmann  on September 2021

Michel, Christine!

Thank you for your hospitality! This place is really amazing and we had a wonderful time here! Seychelles, Cerf Island and your Villas are great and we all hope to c ome back here again!

Thank you again and looking forward to see you soon!

Jean from Poland

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Dariusz Malaczynski  on August 2021

We had the pleasure of staying here, its so calm, peaceful and dreamy. The pool is private and amazing. The terrace is wonderful to chill and relax. The Villa is fully equiped with almost everything you might need.  Christine is such an amazing, warm and kind person. She greeted us and prepared a nice meal for us and her cooking skills is beyiond amazing. Michel was very supportive and always on time. 

Thank you for making our stay so great.

Adam & Aya

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Mahmoud Alaa  on July 2021

Thank you for giving us a wonderful first holiday since Covid.  We felt very safe and lucky to be here.  We arrived exhausted but are leaving very relaxed!

The view is gorgeous! We loved kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and just lazing around in this beautiful place.  Thank you Michel & Christine for making everything perfect and thanks for the delicious creole meals!

Caro & Matt (Qatar)

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Matt Raos  on May 2021

Hi Christine and Michelle,

Thank you for all your help during our stay in Villa Sunrise.  It is a beautiful place, very relaxing and the fresh fish are amazing.  

This was a very mild vacation and a great experience.


Sharan and Arie

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Arie Caspi  on May 2021

South Point Villas is a wonderful, beautiful, quiet place to stay and relax.  We had been at other places at Seychelles, but even if very beautiful as well, here is our favourite!

Beside it's great to be guests of Christine and Michel, who are very kind and helpful all time!  Christine bought us fresh fish from market in Mahe, no we had amazing grilled fish for three dinners.

The sea is perfect for snorkeling, many very beautiful fishes.

Thank you for everything, we hope to come back again soon!

Sibylle & Hubert

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Sibylle Machat  on May 2021

We had a lovely and peaceful days here at South Point Villas.  We enjoyed our stay very much also thanks to Christine and Michel! Both were very kind and helpful, making some "extra wishes" to come true.

This is a little place on earth still "Covid 19" free - and everyone takes care that this will stay so.

Big thanks and take care,

Sylvia & Manfred

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Manfred & Sylvia Krummel  on November 2020

We are very sad to leave this most beautiful place!  (Leaving a week early due to Coronavirus).  Thank you Christine & Michel for making our stay here perfect.  We will return.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Paul Rose  on March 2020

We have just spent three days in paradise.  Cachee' Moyenne, Round and Long Island are four islands around Cerf island which we discovered at the slow pace of our kayaks.  The water surrounding the islands are very clear where you can enjoy  the view of the bottom of the sea.  When the tide goes out you are left with some deserted white beaches and perfect opportunity to see the fishes as if they were in an aquarium in the middle of the sea.

On the veranda of the villa we contemplate, dream, we listen to the sound of nature.  We enjoyed Christine's first meal.  This place is beautiful as it is, would be nothing without its hosts Michel and Christine; easy to talk to, always available, efficient, and discrete.  A very big thank you to you both.

We appreciated the comfort and the exceptional placement of the Villa, but equally appreciated the professionalism and kindness of Christine and Michel which we hope will still be here when we come back.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Jacqueline Martigniat  on February 2020

What an amazing way to end our honeymoon!

South Point Villa is the most peaceful and relaxing place we have ever been.  We have loved every second of disconnecting from the 'real world' and just relaxing.  Beautiful sunrises and kayaking to untouched islands have been the highlights.

Michel and Christine have been amazing and so helpful - at the same time as being respectful of our peace and privacy.  Would 100% recommend this beautiful place and the wonderful hosts.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Kristen Nisbet  on January 2020

We write this already anticipating many more reviews of this magnificent location, peoples and environment.  Our stay here has been nothing short of majestic and welcoming, thanks to our wonderful hosts.

We will defnitely be back and look forward to more memorable moments here.

A real contender for top two and defnitely not number two!

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Clare Mwila Mbizule  on January 2020

The nature, beauty, privacy, and serenity found at South Point Villas cannot be beaten.  It was such a privilege to be able to escape the Minnesota winters in the Seychelles and on Cerf Island.  Thank you so much to both MIchel & Christine for making this a trip of a lifetime.  We hope to be back at some point in the future. 

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Eli Temkin  on January 2020

See handwritten review by Jan Mathia

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Jan Mathia  on November 2019

See handwritten review by Sandro Zimmermann

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Sandro Zimmermann  on November 2019

This destination here on the Cerf Island was the first stop on our 14 days holiday, the purpose of our holiday is my MOm's 60th birthday.  The stay here with my Dad, Mom and boyfriend was the perfect start, the most relaxing days of a wonderful journey.  Arriving here after a short boat trip took our breath, We were welcomed warmly, after this we saw our lovely Villa on top with a breathtaking view, the terrace was our favourite spot, we had dinner and breakfast there every day. We stayed here f or 4 days and 4 nights and enjoyed it to the fullest. The kayak tours around the island and to the beautiful sandbank where amazing, we saw alot of fish.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

David Kuprasch  on November 2019

See handwritten review by Daniela Fiedler

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Daniela Fiedler  on October 2019

Dear Michel, Christine and MIchael,

Unfortunately we couldnt even imagine how wonderful it would be in your house "Sunrise" otherwise we would have booked defnitely for more than 3 days.

Although our trip to the Seychelles isnt finished tomorrow, it feels like the end of the vacation to leave this extremely beautiful place on earth. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and everthing you did for us, including including the exquisite welcome meal.

I hope we see us again.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Antje Becker  on October 2019

What a lovely and genuine place - with great view and very friendly staff, thank you Michel & Christine.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Mechthild & Thorsten Biethahm-Nitsch  on September 2019

This has been the first stop of our vacation - unfortunately we have to leave now. We really enjoyed our stay, it is a really beautiful and peaceful place.  Breathtaking scenary, great place for diving, swimming and relaxing.

Last but not least we want to thank Michel and Christine for making everything special and for being so welcoming/hospitable and friendly.

Enjoy feeling like the last human on earth.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Mahnaz Kraeling  on August 2019

We needed to restore ourselves after a heavy period and in no time we are more restored than ever.  

It's true where some says that the Seychelles have the power to bring you back, when there was only the human being and nature, and peace.  But we believe that this is even more true than South Point Villas.  What magic has this place and you MIchel and Christine who make it are priceless.  Thanks for all.


Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Marco Soprano  on August 2019

See handwritten review by Tanja & Martial Bouvrot

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Tanja & Martial Bouvrot  on January 2019

Wow just wow.  That's the only description I can give of my stay.  The Villa does live up to it's name.

Michel, Christine and the rest of the staff thanks for the pleasant stay.

Leander (Holland)

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Leander Poelgeest  on November 2018

My husband and I spent the last four nights of a three and a half weeks honeymoon between Zanzibar and Seychelles and this was easily one of our favourite experiences.  We stayed in the Sunrise Villa which was the most private and had the most beautiful sunrises to wake up to.  We were looking for a place to relax peacefully, away from the crowds during the end of our trip and this was exactly what we were looking for and more! We hope to come back one day with our future family to share the beauty of this island.  Thank you so much Michel & Christine.

Ryan & Hannah, California

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Ryan McNamara  on November 2018

Wonderfull stay...

...fell asleep with the sound of the waves up with the sunrays in our faces.

...we enjoyed every moment full of light, time for ourselves, snorkeling, kayaking.  Precious time.  Priceless pleasures!

Thanks to all of you who made this possible!

Andre, Switzerland

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Andre Streilein  on October 2018

See handwritten review by Benjamin Boura

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Benjamin Boura  on August 2018

We've had a lovely time here in beautiful location!  The views from "Sunrise" are indescribable and we had difficulty moving from our "sanctuary" to see the other parts of the island and Mahe.  Michel, thank you so much for making our stay perfect and being available for everything and anything - nothing was too much trouble.  Christine, the best suppers were delicious, thank you and also the coconut sweet dessert :).  Good luck at school Ashley, we hope you do well.  Lastly thank you to all for your patience with Tommy, especially helping in the kitchen with Christine and Ashley.  We do hope to come again!

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Rob Cockrell (1)  on August 2018

Please see handwritten review by Martin Kohout

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Martin Kohout (1)  on July 2018

We had a very nice stay here at South Point Villas.  What a nice view out of "Sunrise"!  The weather forecast was often indicating rain at Seychelles...indeed cloudy at main island but Cerf was sunny, really!!  We enjoyed much the accommodation and the very friendly staff (Michel, MIke, Christine,...) the right people to fell you "at home".

Thanks for the hospitality!

Lieve, Belgium

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Lieve Beelen  on July 2018

See handwritten review by Susi Schwedler

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Susi Schwedler  on July 2018

We, Viola, Emily, Lydia and Thomas spent six days here in this amazing place.  From the very first moment we enjoyed the hospitality from Michel and his team.  The snorkeling around this area was great, we even saw a two meter manta-ray next to the jetty.

Thank you for the beautiful time!!

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Thomas Gerstorfer  on April 2018

Arrived after a tiring flight and week in perfect weather in the perfect place.  As soon as we stepped on the jetty we were in another world.  Much better than we had imagined.  Villa Sunrise deserves its name.  From dawn to dusk just wonderful, relaxed times.  "Cast away" withou the tough side.  We also didnt have to talk to "Wilson" but to a pretty orange bird which apparently makes a breakfast collecting round amongst all the villas.  The scenery and wildlife above and under water are just spectacular.  We had the best BBQ'ed fish since many years.  Fish bought by Christine with Michel's special marinade.  Star rated taste overlooking the sea.  Many thanks to the very nice and helpful staff, Michel, Christine and Mike.

Astrid & Frik

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Astrid Kolba-Rudert  on November 2017

This was our second stay on Cerf Island.  Exactly at the first time...it was a dream.  This place is the paradise.

Christine and Michel are the best host ever!

We will defnitely come back.

Best wishes from Lydia/Wolfgang

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Lydia Lohde  on November 2017

After visiting Bird Island in the Seychelles we thought it would be difficult to find a place as beautiful and as relaxing.  Cerf Island exceeded our expectations, especially Sunrise Villa, its stunning views, fabulous snorkelling and secluded privacy.

We defnitely recommend Sunrise Villa to anybody and hopefully we'll make it back here again one day.

Georgiana and Joseph, London, UK

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Joseph Simpson  on October 2017

"The South Coast wind tells stories

If only you take time to listen

The sun warms your heart

If only you open your mind

The sea will show you wonderful things

If only you go into the water

So, just be for a while

and let life live you"

Thank you for five very special days in our lives.  We are most humble in front of all the beauty.  South Point Villas crew, be proud of yourselves.  You are doing an excellent job, taking care of not only us, but the whole place.

A truly rare pearl.  See you soon again.

Par Wretling, Sweden

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Par Wretling  on August 2017

Thank you very much in a perfect place to relax.

Martin and Kim, Switzerland

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Martin Kohout  on July 2017

See handwritten review by Olaf Weidenbach

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Olaf Weidenbach  on April 2017

See handwritte review by Kai Behle-Rob

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Kai Behle-Rob (1)  on April 2017

See handwritten review by Christian Loewe

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Christian Loewe  on April 2017

See handwritten review by Julia Zolotova

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Zolotova (1)  on March 2017

See handwritten review by Ludwig Krenn

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Krenn  on February 2017

See handwritten review done by Rene Michel

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Rene Michel  on January 2017

See handwritten review done by Sven & Mandy Kruse

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Sven & Mandy Kruse  on November 2016

See handwritten review done by Julie Climonet

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Julie Climonet  on October 2016

See handwritten review done by Katarzyna Zaniewska

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Katarzyna Zaniewska  on August 2016

Comfort, peace and quiet, beauty, privacy and warm hospitality make for a wonderful and enjoyable stay.  Michel, Mike and Christine did all they could to make our stay as successful as possible, and always with a smile.  The indian is just fantastic - the marine park, the sea, the view.  We started our Seychelles experience here...its going to be a tough act to follow.

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Simon Lewis  on May 2016

See handwritten review by Caroline Brander

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Caroline Brander  on April 2016

See handwritten review by Marco Simi

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Marco Simi  on January 2016

See handwritten review by Jamie Orsler

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Jamie Orsler  on January 2016

see handwritten review

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Meunier  on November 2015

It was worth while to come back to this perfect spot - we hope not for the last time! Thank you and take good care of this great resort please.

All the best

Joerg Hammer

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Hammer  on August 2015

A wonderful place.  An oasis of paradise.  A stunning view from the Villa!  A sea that is a dream and an excellent guest service.

Thanks to Michel for his hospitality and kindness.  A man that is a treasure, always smiling and happy.  South Point Villas will remain in our memories and hearts for a lot of time.

Guiseppe Serio

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Serio  on April 2015

Handwritten review attached

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Martin Kesselgruber, Switzerland  on April 2015

It is a rare treasure when your travels provide you with a breathtaking destination, blissful privacy, incomparable guest service catering to our every whim, flawless communication and fabulous culinary creations pleasing each our discriminating palates with each supurbly crafted dish we received while in the comfort of the most comfortable and well appointed luxurious accomodations we have encountered throughout our Seychelles travel.

Michel is the consumate host, exuding hospitality from every pore.  Always smiling, gracious, informative and helpful.  He was both intuitive and accomodating as to our needs while striving to provide an extraordinary level of service.  Carrying luggage, extra trips to and from Mahe he was always there for us.  This finest, freshestt and tastiest meals we had anywhere in the Seychelles were prepared by Christine.  You are here, you are on vacation, do not even think about depriving yourself of her local expertly prepared cuisine.  Our group includes world travelers and a restaurant owner and we each raved about Christine's offerings which we eagerly looked forward to each evening.  In South Point Villas we have found the oasis of paradise we were hoping for.  The accomodations, stunning view, hospitality and gourmet delights greatly enhanced our Seychelles experience and provided each of us with many happy memories that are destined to last a lifetime!

With fond appreciation, James Morgan, San Francisco, California, USA

James Morgan  on March 2015

Our family has visited Seychelles for the first time.  We've been to the Seychelles for 14 days we've been on the islands - Praslin, Silhouette, Cerf.  We really liked Seychelles, but most of all we liked Sunrise Villa on the island Cerf.  It was unforgettable holidays!  Very beautiful and wonderful location of Sunrise Villa.  Everything is provided for a high level of rest.  We enjoyed beautiful nature, birds singing and wonderul sunrises and sunsets.  We can find losts of nice beaches where we can swim and relax.  We enjoyed different food that Michel bought for us.  Thank you for pleasant relationship for all guests.

(full review attached)

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Natalia Belykh  on January 2015

The place is like paradise on earth.

The blue colors (water) and green (nature) are the perfect mix for relaxing.

We enjoyed our stay, the cooked food, snorkeling, day trips, kayak, the veranda, the view and the sunrise in Sunrise :)

Thank you Michel, Christine and Christina for making our stay perfect!

We will defnitely miss South Point Villas!

Maybe we will meet again in the future.

Dimitri and Karolina, Germany

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Dimitri Feyou, Germany  on October 2014

Dear Michel, Dear Christine, Dear Christina,

We've had a wonderful time here on Cerf Island overlooking the ocean and the Cacheé from Sunrise Villa.  We've found what we've been looking for : peace, tranquility, white sandy beaches, turquoise water and a relaxed atmosphere.  Additionally we've found fantastic and warm-hearted hosts that made this place even more special!  Thank you very much!!!

Dominik Bossert, Germany

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Dominik Bossert, Germany  on August 2014

Dear Christine and Michel,

We would like to express our gratitude for your hospitality and support throughout our deam holiday!  We had an amazing family trust and joyfull vacation at Cerf Island.  Our Sunrise Villas was marvelous - the amazing views of the endless ocean, the "like at home" feeling, and the sound of the waves made our vacation never to be forgotten.  Thanks to your efforts, positive attitude and Christine's exceptional delicious dishes we experienced the true Seychelles spirit and the fullfillment of our dreams.  We've left with countless happy memories and defnitely come back again some day.  Thank you very much again, it was a great plesure and delightfull experience!


Dimitrova, Bulgaria

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Dimitrova  on August 2014

This is simply paradise!  The only thing that makes it even better is the warmest hospitality from Christine, Chrstina and above all Michel.  From being received so warmly from the airport to being taken on the boat to Cerf to the gorgeous view from the villa to the divine water to being taken for dinner by Michel, it was a great experience throughout.  Even though we had only a few days this place completed our Seychelles experience for us.  You can never have this sort of thing on the mainland.  Thank you Southpoint Villas!

Zaidi, Pakistan

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Zaidi, Pakistan  on June 2014

Sadly, we wont be able to remember all the different kinds of fish we saw on our snorkeling adventures here on Cerf, but we'll certainly never forget our spacious accommodation with the breathtaking view and the hospitality, whiuch made it possible for us to relax like nowhere else.

Thanks to Michel, for being so kind and helpful all the time as well to Christine - the creole cuisine you created for us was spectacular!  We really wish we could've stayed longer but probably we'll be able to visit again sometime.

Thank you again for these unique holidays.

Kruger, Germany

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Kruger, Germany  on April 2014

Dear Christine, Christina and Michel.

On our trip around the Seychelles we found at the last stop the perfect spot.  South Point Villas!  a peace and relaxing place...in this crazy world...we stayed at "Sunrise Villa"...nice view...great atmosphere...and a comfortable private place...and we were supported by a wonderful team!  Thank you!

Michel managed everything perfectly and smooth so he made us feeling home.

Christine's "creole cuisine" was a dream!

Christina's "green thumb" created every plant and flower in the garden.  The team made our stay special!!

We discovered the amazing nature around the South Point Villas and several trips with the kayak to round...long and Moyenne Island and on snorkelling tours we saw turtles, stingrays, colourful fishes...sharks and one island cat! We couldn't find the hidden treasure on ill cache but we found more than that...a little baby cat!  We rescued her and found her a new mom - Christine! We are very thankful for her heart warming help.  This little cat will always be part of us - in this way we always will stay on the Seychelles.

There is only one thing to say - We'll come back!!

All the best - Hain, Germany

Hain, Germany  on April 2014

We had an awesome timie here in the Sunrise Villa - much more relaxing than on Praslin and La Digue.  Michel and Christine have been wonderful hosts, it felt like home away from home!

We loved watching the eagle rays, baby sharks and the octopus in front of the deck - the wild life around the property is amazing!

We defnitely want to return some day, the only thing we missed is a private swimming pool, hope it will be built until then..

Thanks again for this incredible week!

Mirjam & Nika, Switzerland

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Mirjam, Switzerland  on February 2014

Dear Michel & Christine,

Thank you so much for your sincere hospitality in this astonishing surrounding.  Michel, thank you for giving us some insight in the Seychelles way of lilve and Christine thank you for giving us some taste of the delightfull creole kitchen.

Philip, Netherlands

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Weytingh  on August 2013

Dear Michel and Christine,

It has not only been a great pleasure to stay in Sunrise Villa - your exceptional service and outstanding hospitality made the sun rise in our hearts!  It was also a very special experience to enjoy the amazing creole dinner that you cooked for us to perfection.  The pictures of the red snapper - before and after grilling - will always be a special memory.

Thank you very much for everything.

Horst, Germany

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Horst, Germany  on July 2013

Exquisite, serene, beautiful, tranquil - there are not enough words to express Seychelles and South Point Villas.  A true paradise.  A huge thanks to Michel for going the extra mile to make our stay even more comfortable and enjoyable.  A special mention to Christine for the amazing food - it was absolutely delicious!  We leave with some wonderful memories and although we will be sad to go so soon - we will almost certainly be back.  Again, a massive thank you to all :)

Joes and Shayne (Cape Town - SA)

Anthony and Garth (UK - South)

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Garth Waters  on June 2013

My new found paradise

First class luxury. All of us agreed this was the best holiday we ever had. Our two-bedroom Villa with living area was more spacious than we needed but we loved we loved the separate bedrooms and large kitchen. What made this Villa my favorite is that we all could be together and cook and have wine and look at the view  The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. We arranged sightseeing tours through the management and enjoyed the leisurely pace and professional insight and information. We would definitely come back and highly

Durban, South Africa  on June 2013

Dear Linda and Cedric

Dear Michel,

Thank you for a beautiful holiday we just love South Point Villas.  Best place in the world.  Thank you Linda and Cedric for the best friends lunch you arrange and Michel thank you for being so friendly and always helping us and making us feel relax.

Once again thank you for everything,

Fred and Andreas, Durban, South Africa

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Fred Lukas, South Africa  on January 2013

Dear Linda, Cedric and Michel,

We read there is still an undiscovered treasure on the Caché.  Well, we found it - but its not ono Caché, but right across from it : South Point Villas.

We found time relaxation, had to worry about nothing and even learned how to cook creole - style.  Very special thanks to Michel.

All the best,

George, Candy & Beate, Germany

Read the handwritten guestbook entry

Wittman, Germany  on November 2012

Paradise Personified

South Point Villas Cerf Island will remain in our memories as one of the most heavenly places of all. Thank you to Michel Estico who showed us what a true Island Holiday is about, from the stunning accommodation with the most beautiful views, and so beautifully maintained to the shopping in Mahe and experiencing local cuisine and fruit. Michel's local knowledge and experiences allowed us to do trips etc we may not have done as "tourists". This is a holiday in every sense of the word and we will return - time and time again!

Sharon M from Johannesburg, South Africa  on August 2012